Hunting Rifles

Embark on your next hunting adventure with the perfect rifle from Londero Sports. Our selection of hunting rifles in Canada is unmatched, catering to hunters of all preferences and skill levels. With popular brands such as Remington, Ruger, Savage or even Tikka, be sure you will find high-quality hunting rifles at Londero Sports.


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Our Types of Hunting Rifles

Discover our diverse range, including bolt-action rifles known for their consistent accuracy, lever-action rifles for their rapid firing, and the versatile semi-automatic rifle. Whether you're tracking deer or smaller game, we have rifles in various calibers and styles, complete with riflescopes and high-quality rifle ammo to enhance your hunting experience.

A Rifle for Each of Your Favorite Hunting Types

Budget rifles or premium rifles, our collection includes it all: the 30-06 Springfield for long-range precision, carbon steel rifles for durability, and pump-action rifles for versatility. Semi-automatic rifles offer a balance of capacity and performance, making it a popular choice among Canadian hunters.

Find the Right Rifle at Londero Sports

We prioritize your hunting success. Our rifle specialists are ready to assist you Monday to Saturday, by phone, email, or in-store, ensuring you find the perfect rifle. As a top Canadian hunting and sport shooting dealer, we offer affordable rifles that are precise, reliable, and regulation-compliant.

Trust Londero Sports for a superior hunting experience.


What makes a gun a rifle?

Rifles are characterized by their rifled barrels, designed for greater accuracy over distance.

What hunting rifles are legal in Canada?

All our rifles for sale, including popular models, adhere to Canadian hunting and firearms regulations.

What are the 10 types of rifle actions?

The 10 types are bolt-action, lever-action, semi-automatic, pump-action, over under, side by side, single action, straight pull, break action/falling block and revolvers, each offering unique benefits.

What is the most popular hunting rifle in Canada?

According to BC Firearms Academy, the 30-06 Springfield is the most used all-around hunting rifle in Canada.