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Derya 12 ga. 3'' 28'' Shotgun


Derya 12 ga. 3'' 28'' Shotgun

- Caliber: 12 ga. 
- Barrel: 28''
- Weight: 6.1 lb

You have to be 18 years old to acquire this product.

Possession and acquisition firearms licence is mandatory.
At checkout you will have to include your:
- Firearms licence number
- Date of birth

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Derya 12 ga. 3'' 28'' Shotgun

- Caliber: 12 ga. 
- Barrel: 28''
- Weight: 6.1 lb

Higher shipping charges may apply in the following situations…

You live in an area that the carrier considers to be remote or difficult to reach. (Îles de la Madeleine, Kuujjuaq, Radison…)

Certain bulky, heavy or dangerous products ** have additional costs such as weapons *, ammunition **, powder **, bows , crossbows, tree stands, fishing rod, safes, etc. If the amount of transport costs calculated at the time of online purchase differs from the actual amount of applicable transport costs, Londero Sports will inform you by phone or email of the difference applicable. You will then be able to cancel your order if you wish.

* We must use Canada Post to ship weapons
* Federal laws require that firearms be shipped to the address registered with the Canada Firearms Center (CAFC ). No other address can be used.
** We need to use Purolator to ship ammo and powder. Provide additional charges for hazardous products. ($ 15)
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