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Firearms and Gun Store in Canada

Londero Sports, your renowned online gun store in Canada, offers a wide array of firearms and firearm supplies, establishing us as a top firearm store and a major player in the Canadian firearms market.

Our Gun Store Items and Firearms, Shipped in Canada

Londero Sports is one of the biggest specialized online gun stores in Canada, focusing on the sale of firearms of all kinds. Our team of skilled counselors is ready to assist with all your firearm needs. Our online selection includes hunting gunsused firearms, shotguns & rifles, black powder, tactical firearms, restricted firearms, ammunition, air rifles & guns, shooting gear and hunting accessories.

Our selection of firearms is crafted to cater to enthusiasts of hunting, recreational shooting, sports, and competition, offering all the necessary equipment to enjoy your favourite sport at the most competitive prices.

Londero Sports, Your Specialized Gun Store in Canada

Londero Sports is a specialized centre for firearms enthusiasts looking for performance. Our expert team offers personalized service and featured products like Mossberg, backed by a secure SSL Certificated online shopping experience.


What guns are allowed in Canada now?

In Canada, legal firearms fall into 2 categories: non-restricted (ordinary rifles and shotguns) and restricted (certain types of handguns, semi-automatic rifles and shotguns).

What guns are illegal in Canada?

Assault-style firearms are prohibited in Canada, with a maximum muzzle energy threshold greater than 10k Joules and 20 mm bore diameter or greater. As a Canadian firearms store, we adhere to regulations prohibiting certain firearms.

What are the different classes of guns?

In Canada, there are non-restricted firearms, restricted firearms, and prohibited firearms (automatic firearms, short-barrelled handguns, and certain types of military-grade weapons.)

How much is a gun license in Canada?

The possession and acquisition licence for non-restricted firearms in Canada is $64.54. Please consult the RCMP website for more information.